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Nulook Design is a Gold Coast based Graphic Design studio who provides graphic design services to the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and other areas throughout Australia and internationally.

Our Gold Coast design studio can help your business with Branding, corporate design or rebranding. With our fresh approach to graphic design and web design, together with strong creative skills and technical knowledge we can help create an effective, professional design image for you or your company.

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We are a Gold Coast based Graphic Design Studio here in Queensland, Australia.

Although we are based on the Gold Coast we can help you with your graphic design needs where ever you may be located. We are a 2 minute email or phone call away from you.

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Gold Coast Designer: 5 Stages of Professional Logo Design

Your logo is the centrepiece of your organisation’s brand. With today’s cutthroat competition people are bombarded with way too many ideas and concepts everyday to remember them. Your organisation’s logo is what makes its ideas and concepts recognisable in this markets large variety of  brands. The logo will symbolise everything your company represents. It will subtly communicate the company’s beliefs and values and help in establishing the client’s brand image, as well as your corporate identity. However, in my experience as one of the leading Gold Coast designers, what I have learnt is that when it comes to designing logos, professional Gold Coast graphic design studios are your best bet. Here in this article, I am going to talk about the importance of professional logo design and walk you through the various phases involved in this process.

Gold Coast Designer: Why Professional Logo Design?
Professionally designed logos can work wonders for boosting your brand building efforts.  In my experience as a Gold Coast designer, this is what I have learnt about how professionally designed logos can help your organisation’s branding, marketing and promotional efforts:

  • A professionally designed logo will successfully embody your organisation’s persona
  • A professionally designed logo will be unique and help your firm stand out among competitors.
  • A professionally designed logo will help your company build a lasting relationship with your customers
  • A professionally designed logo will convey the right message effectively
  • A professionally designed logo will portray a powerful representation of your company’s profile

Gold Coast Designer: 5 Phases of Logo Design
Logo design is not just about arranging a few abstract symbols with a tag line. Logo design involves a lot of effort, right from understanding the client’s requirement to developing effective logos. In my experience of working with various clients as a graphic designer I have found that professional logo design involves the following five stages. Developing logos based on these five stages has helped me deliver many projects successfully as well as helped build long term relationships with many of my clients.

  1. Research: This is undoubtedly the most important phase of the logo designing process. In this stage I ask my client questions about the company, their products and services, their brand and their preferences about the logo design. Basically, according to me this is the stage where I get to understand your requirements better. Another part of researching prior to designing, which in my experience as a leading Gold Coast designer is very important, is checking out your competitor’s logo. Besides this, I also research my client’s target audience, which helps me find out about their likes, their dislikes etc. This helps me better customise the logo design based on what the target audience wants.
  2. Development: While different graphic designers handle this stage differently, I prefer to take all the information I have gathered in the research phase and begin with the brainstorming and word association. This is followed by getting the designs on paper and finally on to the program Adobe Illustrator. However, as a professional Gold Coast designer, what I have learnt is that, this phase can be time consuming or really quick depending on how much time and effort the designer has spent on research. In my personal experience as a graphic designer I have observed that the better the quality of my research, the easier is the development stage and the better the outcome.
  3. Proofs: This is the stage where you get to see the logo designs I have been working on. As a graphic designer I have learnt that when it comes to designing logos, presentation and ease of comprehension for clients is what matters the most. So when I present the proofs to my client I try to make things as easy for them as possible. I prefer to put each logo design on a separate sheet as this helps to prevent designs from conflicting with each other. I also spend time to name or number the logos as this helps in better organisation as well as provides for easier identification of the logo designs by the clients later on.
  4. Completion: After all the designing efforts, collaborating with the client and finalising the design, this is the stage where I deliver the final logo design to my client. In my experience as a Gold Coast designer I know that specialty printers often require .ai files or .eps files for logos, while sometimes printers ask for .jpg format. As I said earlier, I like to make things easy for my client, so I provide my clients with multiple formats of the final design, so you don’t have to worry about converting one format to another.
  5. Following Up: In my experience as a professional Gold Coast designer, I have found that following up with clients after designing the logo is an integral part of the professional logo design. Any good graphic designer will know the importance of following up and obtaining feedback from the client. In fact following up with clients has helped me provide them with better designs as well as landed me quite a few new projects.

Gold Coast Designer: The Key to Success
Working as a professional Gold Coast designer, I have realised that the key to successfully delivering outstanding logo designs is to carry out each stage of the logo design process perfectly.  Thorough research, an eye for the detail and a proper development phase helps to design the best logos which serve their purpose and provide enough bang for your buck!

Looking for a good Gold Coast designer? Get in touch with Nulook Design right away! As one of the leading Gold Coast graphic design studios they can provide you with outstanding logos, designed to make you stand apart from the crowd.

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