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Gold Coast Designer: Top 5 Designing Tips for Effective Branding

There is probably no arena as competitive as the business world today. And one of the most glaring truths in the modern business world is that there is virtually nothing that your business competitors cannot duplicate, if not in a matter of weeks then in a few months. So you wonder what competitive edge can you deploy that cannot be imitated or copied. The answer lies in brand building. Companies today spend millions on building an effective brand image. In my experience as a professional Gold Coast designer, I have observed that a strong brand image is possibly one of the strongest advantages you have over your competitors. Creating a strong brand image not just makes your company more recognisable, but also promotes customer loyalty thereby increasing repeat business.

However, creating an effective brand image is no easy task and this is precisely why professional Gold Coast designers are your best bet. Here in this article I am going to talk about the role of graphic design in brand building as well as some great graphic design tips for effective branding.

Gold Coast Designer: Graphic Design and Branding

When it comes to branding, graphic design plays a major role in building an effective as well as a consistent brand image. This is done through your company’s logo or other corporate promotional elements such as brochures, business cards, advertisements, flyers etc. Your brand image is the first point of contact between your company and your prospects and you definitely want to make sure that you make a good and memorable impression. In my experience as one of the leading Gold Coast designers, I have found that people tend to respond more readily to visual stimulus. Professional designers can create effective graphic designs in the form of logos, flyers, advertisements etc. to help grab the prospect’s attention and make a memorable impression. Your unique brand image created by using innovative and creative graphic designs is what will ultimately help your consumers differentiate between you and your competition. 

Gold Coast Designer: Top 5 Graphic Design Tips for Effective Branding

Here are some great graphic design tips which in my experience as a professional Gold Coast designer are essential for successful branding.

  1. Colour: The choice of colour you use for designing is very important for branding. In working with clients as a professional Gold Coast designer I have observed that the choice of colour is not just a matter of aesthetics - colours stimulate various kinds of emotions. People also usually associate things and characteristics unconsciously with colours. For instance, red may in fact actually increase a person’s pulse rate and blood pressure. This colour symbolises energy, passion and power, which is why the red colour is a good choice for the entertainment industry for branding purposes. Similarly, green symbolises environment, nature, money and health. It also tends to have a calming effect which is the reason why hospitals usually have pale green coloured walls. When deciding on a colour for branding purposes, in my experience as a graphic designer, the first thing one must do is to research the effect and associations a particular colour has. This is important as it will help you determine whether the colour is suitable for the types of products and services your brand represents. Also remember that different cultures have different associations for different colours, so remember to check the colours thoroughly with respect to the market you are operating in.
  2. Character and Personality of the Brand: As one of the leading Gold Coast designers and after working on numerous graphic design projects for branding purposes, I have learnt that infusing a little character and personality into your brand can help work wonders for your branding efforts. It will help define your brand and get your brand message across more effectively. What I focus on when formulating a brand’s character is to shape it towards something that the brand’s target audience would like to associate or identify themselves with. 
  3. Emotions: This is another major factor when it comes to graphic design for branding purposes. As a professional Gold Coast designer, when working with clients I focus on what emotions and feelings they want their target audience to feel when they see the brand’s logo or an advertisement. Effective graphic designing for brand building purposes is not just about conforming to the latest designing trends but more about deciding on what ideas, emotions and feelings you want the brand to project.
  4. Uniqueness: This again is one of the major factors which plays a significant role in defining the success of a brand. If your logo or any of the other elements of your brand look just like what your competition has been using, your brand will just look like a clone. How do you expect prospects and consumers to differentiate between your brand and the competition’s?  Creating a unique brand image is very important as this will not only help your brand stand out among your competitors, but also make your brand more memorable. 
  5. Consistency: One of the most essential requirements for successful branding in my opinion as a professional Gold Coast designer is making the brand more memorable and recognisable. So how do we make people remember - by repeating. Consistency throughout all aspects of your brand will include making use of consistent colours, typography and visuals, thus ensuring that your brand projects a uniform and consistent image. Consistency within your brand elements also helps to generate a sense of reliability and stability among consumers regarding your brand. 

Looking for a reliable Gold Coast designer to help boost your brand building efforts? Get in touch with Nulook Design right away! As one of the top Gold Coast graphic design studios, Nulook Design can provide with highly efficient and effective graphic design services to help improve your brand and help you stand out among a crowd of cloned competitors.


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