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Nulook Design is a Gold Coast based Graphic Design studio who provides graphic design services to the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and other areas throughout Australia and internationally.

Our Gold Coast design studio can help your business with Branding, corporate design or rebranding. With our fresh approach to graphic design and web design, together with strong creative skills and technical knowledge we can help create an effective, professional design image for you or your company.

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We are a Gold Coast based Graphic Design Studio here in Queensland, Australia.

Although we are based on the Gold Coast we can help you with your graphic design needs where ever you may be located. We are a 2 minute email or phone call away from you.

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Gold Coast Designer: Importance of Custom Design for Small Business

Small businesses and start-ups are often unaware of the benefits of professional graphic design and the major role it can play in the operation, branding and marketing efforts of their business. Graphic designs are the first thing people notice about your business when they see your logo, your advertisement or your website. And that is all the time you get to attract and hold the consumer’s attention. If your leaflet does not stand out among a pile of letters on a cluttered desk, chances are that it will end up in the recycle bin without even being opened. In my experience as a professional Gold Coast designer I have observed that unless all your marketing material incorporates customised eye-catching graphic designs, chances are they will not bring in much business for you. Professional design houses such as Gold Coast graphic design studios can provide high quality unique designs, even for small businesses and start-ups at affordable rates. Here in this article I am going to talk about the importance of professional graphic design as well as custom graphic designs for small businesses. 


Gold Coast Designer: Why Opt for Professional Graphic Design

According to my experience as a Gold Coast designer, I have often observed small business owners shying away from investing in professional graphic design. Generally small businesses and start-ups don’t have access to huge resources, which often results in them cutting costs by doing it themselves. Results of such efforts, more often than not fail to make a mark. Professional Gold Coast designers on the other hand, are already experts at getting their client’s message across to the target audience through appropriate yet effective graphic designs. As a professional graphic designer, when working with clients I spend time on researching the target audience and the clients other requirements. This helps to finally come up with an eye catching design which actually works. Also, professional Gold Coast graphic design studios have access to better designing software and resources and are far more skilled at developing designs than amateurs. 

Sure you might be spending a little extra now, but overall opting for a good professional Gold Coast designer is only going to boost your returns on investment.

Gold Coast Designer: Importance of Custom Graphic Design

As a professional graphic designer, I have found clients often wondering the importance of custom graphic design. Graphic design is about getting the client’s message across to the target audience as creatively and effectively as possible. If you want all the elements of graphic design to come together in one consistent unified look which projects your company’s brand effectively, you will need it to be tailor made to suit your requirements, be it your flyers, business cards, letterheads, logos or websites. In my experience as a Gold Coast designer, I have identified the following as the major benefits of opting for custom graphic designs.

  • Target Audience Oriented: The target audience is the most important part when it comes to creating custom graphic designs. As a professional Gold Coast designer, I spend time on studying and researching the client’s target audience and getting to know more about their likes and dislikes. Researching the client’s target audience allows for developing designs which are customised to their preferences. This ensures that the client’s message gets across to his/her target audience more effectively. 
  • Lasting Impression: In my experience as a professional designer I have observed that customised graphic designs tend to create a long lasting impression on the minds of the target audience as compared to template based designs. This is because people today are being bombarded with lots of information, graphics and images via multiple channels which merely tend to be clones of each other. Customisation of graphic designs for your logos, letterheads etc. sets you apart from the rest, by making your brand more memorable and easily recognisable. 
  • Business Oriented: Clearly the designs which work for another company will not necessarily work for your business. For instance, say you are an online bookstore - the graphic design solution which works for an online florist website will definitely not be suitable for you. Similarly, the florist’s logo design will not make any sense when used on an online bookstore’s website. Professional Gold Coast designers have the skill and the tools required to develop graphic designs customised to your particular business requirements to ensure maximum impact.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: When it comes to website graphic designs, professional graphic designers can help improve your company’s visibility on the internet. Professional Gold Coast designers develop customised web graphic designs with SEO techniques integrated within the design. This helps to improve your website’s rank on the search engine results page which translates into more consumers visiting your websites.
  • Better Corporate Identity and Branding: Professional Gold Coast designers can customise your graphic designs to suit your company’s colours, typography, fonts etc. Professional designers ensure that the unique custom graphic designs they develop are consistent throughout thus improving your credibility quotient and brand image. 

Looking for a reputed Gold Coast designer offering customised graphic designs? Contact Nulook Design right away! As one of the leading Gold Coast graphic design studios they can provide you with high quality graphic designs customised to your business requirements for maximum effect.

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